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Digitech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creation Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


$ 154.95 $ 179.95

Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon. This is the Digitech FreqOut Feedback Effect Pedal.
Digitech has been one of the biggest names on the guitar effect scene for decades.
The FreqOut is one of the most versatile feedback pedals on the market.
With many players going direct to the PA nowadays, it can be very difficult to get natural feedback.
Being able to select the harmonic node of the feedback also makes this a fantastic creative tool.
Controls for Node, Gain/Onset, Latch, and Dry.
The Onset lets you control how the feedback comes in and the Latch continues the feeback so you can play over it. Very cool.
The icing on the cake is this Digitech pedal is true bypass, so when it's off, it's truly out of the signal path.
This is your chance to get your hands on one of the coolest feedback pedals to hit the scene.
We are an authorized Digitech dealer. Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by.