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One Control Purple Plexifier Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal BJF AIAB Series

One Control

$ 169.00 

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The One Control Purple Plexifier is another member of the "Amp In A Box" series!
It was designed to capture the true essence o the renowned rock n' roll Sound.
​The Purple Plexifier has a gain range of +6dB and features a tight bottom end with bright (but not harsh) highs anda thick mid-range that creates a distinct and powerful distortion.
One Control BJF Series effects pedals were design by world-renowned pedal guru and mad professr Bjorn Juhl. All BFJ FX pedals can be powered using a 9V battery or standard DC power supplies, and features true-bypass switching. BJF Series FX pedals are incredibly light, and are built using high-quality, compact aluminum enclosures.
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