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Blackstar ID:Core BEAM 2x10-Watt Bluetooth Stereo Guitar Combo Amplifier Amp


$ 289.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the new Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Combo Amp.

The Blackstar ID:Core BEAM has everything you need for great guitar tones and portability, along with Bluetooth playback.

The BEAM packs 6 great-sounding amp voices that can cover virtually any style of music you play. The dual 10-watt power amps push a pair of custom 3" speakers, and delivers a tremendous stereo spread thanks to the onboard digital effects.

The ID:Core BEAM is the first Blackstar product with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The hi-fi quality playback of your MP3s through the ID:Core BEAM will redefine what you can expect from a multifunctional product and with Super Wide Stereo.

The BEAM also direct recording ability via the USB port. Combined with all the great tones, effects, and emulations, this makes the Blackstar ID:Core BEAM the perfect amp for guitarists on the go.

We are an authorized Blackstar dealer. Buy with confidence. Don't pass this by.