Roland Blues Cube Hot 30-Watt 1x12" Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier Amp

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Roland Blues Cube Hot Amplifier.
The Roland Blues Cube Hot combo guitar amplifier delivers vintage-flavored tube tone and response in a gig-ready, single-channel package.
Roland's Tube Logic design brings classic tweed tones to the Blues Cube Hot combo amplifier. Every aspect of these much-loved vintage amps from the preamp and output tube characteristics to the power supply compression to the speaker output is found in the Roland Blues Cube Hot.
Pick players and fingerstyle players will love the touch response and sensitivity of this master-crafted amp.
The power control offers four power output settings ranging from full gigging volume all the way down to 0.5 watts for quiet practice. A headphone output lets you practice at any time of the day or night without disturbing your neighbors. And the USB record output is perfect for capturing your guitar sounds directly to your computer.
The Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Combo Amp is the perfect amp for any guitarist seeking an amp with stellar vintage tones, modern quality and reliability, and deep flexibility for any gig.
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