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Friend's Academy Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rental agreement is for the listed Instrument only. No refund will be given if the agreement is terminated early.

  2. If the student switches instruments mid year, they may rent an instrument of equal or lesser value at no extra charge. Instruments of greater value can be rented

  3. Maintenance charge covers standard wear & tear which will be assessed by a technician. Maintenance does not cover lost or damaged parts. Repairs such as dents, bent keys, or missing parts such as end pins, valve parts, slides, key guards, and tuning pegs will be repaired or replaced at the renters expense.

  4. The Instrument listed below is to be returned in good condition(less standard wear & tear) on or before the due date listed below(return date). If the instrument is not returned/re-rented by the due date, a $2.00 per date late fee will be assessed. If the Instrument is not returned within 30 days after the due date, you are responsible for the full retail value of the instrument. You authorize All Music Inc. to charge your credit card listed above for any fees incurred.

  5. In event of theft, renter must provide a police report showing forced entry. Maintenance does not cover "mysterious disappearance from school room or lockers." If Instrument is lost, renter is responsible for the full retail cost of that Instrument. If the Instrument is lost/stolen, a new rental can be provided at a pro-rated price.