1994 Fender Japan ST-62 EX Reissue Stratocaster Electric Guitar w/ Case Lace Sensors Preowned

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Welcome to All Music Inc! Right now, you are looking at a rare, and amazing guitar.
This is a 1994 Fender ST-62 Reissue ExTrad Stratocaster Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale. 1.68" nut width. 7 lbs 15 oz.
With the overwhelming Strat "reissues" by companies like Tokai or Fernandes, Fender took it upon them to create their own reissues using their Japan factory.
Even more rare - the ST-62 EX, or ExTrad guitars were made by a small Custom Edition Team, similar to a Japanese Custom Shop.
The team consisted of highly skilled craftsmen, having relations with Fender USA and only using selected materials.
The ExTrad series was listed in the catalog every year until '94, and although it was a short production period, the quality of these ExTrad Stratocasters could easily match, and sometimes surpass the US Custom Shop models- making the world aware of the mastery of Japanese craftsmanship.
These MIJ '62 reissues were produced by FujiGen Gakki- the same manufacturer who produced the renowned JV series that preceeded them.
This particular Strat is no different- possibly the best recreation of a 1962 Stratocaster we've ever seen.
Classic alder body, maple neck, rosewood board combo.
Grabbing up all the incredible natural tone are an upgraded trio of Red/Silver/Blue Lace Sensors- the Ultimate Triple.
The Red Sensor has the hottest output in the Sensor series, perfect for the bridge when fat, punch, humbucking output is necessary.
The Silver in the middle gives you a fat 70's single-coil sound with increased output for more mids.
The Blue in the neck has a slightly increased output, with a warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single coil.
The look here is just perfect.
Gold spaghetti "Fender" logo, 'slab' type rosewood board with the truss rod adjustment at the body, no skunk stripe, Kluson-style vintage tuners, and a vintage style bridge.
Every perfect marker for a '62 Strat.
This guitar is in great overall condition, especially for a near 30 year old example.
Just setup- the neck is straight, and the frets are clean.
Some normal playwear - pick scratches, a couple of 'bb' sized compressions, and some marks/scratches.
Please carefully look through all of our detailed photos for a better visual description.
A newer Fender case is included (in pics).
As time goes on, these guitars are harder and harder to find, especially in this condition.
We've been an authorized Fender dealer for over two decades.
Don't pass this by.