2018 Fender Artist Series Hendrix Stratocaster Strat Ultra Violet Electric Guitar Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. 
This is the 2018 Fender Artist Series Jimi Hendrix Ultra Violet Stratocaster.
25.5" scale. 1.65" nut width. 7 lbs 11 oz.
.82"-.89" 1st to 12th neck depth.
Throughout the storied history of electric guitar there are guitars of legends that are known simply by sight, and the most identifiable is arguably Hendrix' Strat Stratocaster- forever changed and made iconic by simply flipping it upside down.
The vision of Jimi Hendrix and his Strat on the stage at Woodstock is, perhaps, the most identifiable in rock guitardom.
And the unique look of its oversized headstock silhouetted upside down against a greying sky is just as enduring.
This Artist Series Stratocaster, from the masters in Mexico, pays tribute to that memory.
The alder body is bathed in the striking Ultraviolet, with a 3-ply white pickguard puncuated by aged white pickups and knobs.
The maple neck features the beautiful oversized headstock flipped upside down for the perfect look.
More than just a unique and trademark look, Mr. Hendrix's flipping of the guitar produced two noticeable effects: the reversal of above-nut string length yielded a tighter feel and easier bending on the treble strings, and more importantly, the bridge pickup slant was reversed creating brighter bass notes and warmer treble tones.
Both of these are reproduced with the Artist Series Hendrix Strat for authentic tone and feel.
The voice of the Jimi Hendrix Strat comes from a trio of American Vintage '65 single-coil pickups for genuine vintage Fender tonal colors.
The maple neck has an oval C profile for comfort, and the fretboard has a 9.5" radius for the utmost is playability.
Even the neck plate is cool with an image of the man himself.
This Hendrix Strat is in very good overall condition as you can see in pictures- typical guard
The frets here are clean- set up with action of 3/32" at the 12th fret low E.
There is no case included, but we pack for safe arrival as well as insure in full.
The Fender Artist Series Jimi Hendrix Strat in Ultraviolet: a must have for any true fan of legendary guitars.
We are an authorized Fender dealer. 
Don't pass this by.