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Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 Overdrive & Fuzz Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 Effect Pedal.
The FuzzBubble-45 is an overdrive/fuzz pedal that combines these two effects into a single pedal.
The OD side is designed to sound like a vintage tube amp from the 1960's and 70's.
The controls are loud out to be simple and quick, so you can find your tone right away.
The Out knob adjust level to your amp, and the Year control dials up more tube-like overdrive as you move forward through time.
There is a dedicated Tone switch which acts to roll-off some of the lower frequencies for greater color control.
The Fuzz side is designed to create the most sought after, classic fuzz tones, with modern clarity and sweetness.
The In control adjust the level sent to the effect. The Out control level to the amp.
The Haze control adjust the amount of fuzz.
This control works in tandem with the In control to create a vast range of fuzz and overdrive tones.
The Fuzz also features a tone switch for low end control. The Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 is a stellar sounding and dynamic feeling overdrive and fuzz pedal stuffed into a super-groovy purple metal-flake stompbox.
Comes in a tin lunchbox, with some bubble, picks, and bumper sticker.
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