Anasounds Cerberus Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Effects Pedal

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Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon! Right now, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Anasounds Cerberus Overdrive guitar effect pedal!
As we all know, you change your overdrive like you change your shirt, so why not put everything into one small pedal?
This is a very transparent overdrive that keeps all the quality of your clear sound, while finding the desired saturated harmonics.
Featuring internal settings for the fine tuning.
Three voicing types for jazz, blues, or rock style.
Build your own sound!
Inside, a potentiometer permits you to completely transform your overdrive from a very transparent sound to a warm distortion.
The Cerberus offers infinite types of overdrive in one unique pedal.
The Cerberus is customizable.
As all Anasounds pedals, this features true bypass, and is hand-wired in France.
We are an authorized Anasounds dealer.
Buy with confidence. Don't pass this by.