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Blackstar HT-1R Electric Guitar Tube Combo Amplifier Amp Head w/ Reverb


$ 249.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Blackstar HT-1R Amplifier Head.
This amp has all the amazing features of the HT-1 with the added bonus of reverb.
The HT-1R is an innovative 1 Watt tube head powered by 1-ECC83 and 1-ECC82.
To help dial in your tone, the top of this amp has a clean and overdrive channel as well as gain, volume, and EQ/ISF adjustments. At only 1 watt, you can push the tubes in this amp for incredible tone even at low volume.
The USB output can be used to go right into recording devices.
It even has an extension speaker output so you can plug into another cab for an even bigger sound.
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