Blackstar HT-40 Club MKII Black and Blue Guitar 40w Tube Combo Amplifier Amp

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This is the Blackstar HT40 Club MKII Limited Edition Black and Blue Electric Guitar Amplifier.
In a unique combination of baby blue, tan and cream aesthetics, an iconic Celestion Vintage 30 and at the heart of it all, RCA-style remakes of Blackplate 6L6 power valves, the HT Club 40 MkII Black and Blue Edition is truly a living classic.
TAD have recreated the highly-regarded vintage Blackplate RCA 6L6GC valves, resulting in a deeper bass response and smooth top end. These exclusive 6L6GC-STR valves along with the true icon of amplifier speakers, the Celestion Vintage 30, will bring vintage quality and tone to the modern guitarist.
- Exclusive 6L6GC-STR valves by TAD.
- 1 x 12” Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.
- Boutique cosmetic with baby blue tolex, tan basketweave fret complemented by a cream panel, corners and chickenhead knobs, rich brown leather handle and a special edition plaque.
Voice Description:
- Clean Voice 1: American Clean– Very clean and bright but with a solid and tight low end.
- Clean Voice 2: British Clean– Looser bass response with warmer mid-range and is very sensitive to the output level of the guitar and the player’s dynamics.
- OD Voice 1: Classic Overdrive– ‘Hot-rodded’ overdrive with medium power damping.
- OD Voice 2: Modern Overdrive– A strong mid-emphasised pre-overdrive boost, as well as a looser, more aggressive sound due to reduced power amp damping.
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