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Boss GE-7 GE7 7 Band Graphic Equalizer Electric Guitar EQ Effect Effects Pedal


$ 119.99 $ 151.50

Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece. This is the Boss GE-7 7 band Graphic EQ Pedal. Boss has built their reputation on creating some of the best sounding, most versatile, pedals on the market. The Boss GE-7 will improve your tone for sure. The GE-7 features 7 bands of eq- from 100-6.4k- the optimal frequencies for guitar. It's incredibly easy to dial in a great tone. I use my personal GE-7 through the loop to re-eq my amps preamp. The other great thing about the GE-7 is you can use it as a front end boost for tube amps. Incredibly versatile! This is your chance to get your hands on a Boss GE-7 and find what your tone has been missing. Don't pass this by!