Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Electric Guitar Effect Effects Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Effect Pedal.
The Boss PH-3 brings vintage and modern phase effects to your pedalboard.
This dynamic pedal features multiple-stage phasers with adjustable stage settings along with Rise and Fall modes for incredible unidirectional sounds.
With controls for Rate, Depth, and Res you can dial in the perfect effect for your music.
The PH-3 also responds to real-time control via the expression pedal input.  
And the tap-tempo capabilities allow you to sync the speed and phase of the effect to the tempo of the song for perfect feel and flow.
And as with all Boss pedals, this has a rugged housing and quality build for years of stomping.
We are an authorized Boss dealer.
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