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CA Composite Acoustics USA OX Raw TA Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ SKB Case

Composite Acoustics

$ 1,849.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the CA Composite Acoustics OX Raw TA Acoustic Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale length, 15" bottom bout, 4" deep, 1.75" nut width.
.76"-.90" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.
Composite Acoustics makes incredible guitars from carbon fiber. This makes the guitar extremely consistent and stable, unaffected by weather changes and humidity.
This ensures that your Composite Acoustic will play amazing time after time.
This beauty features carbon fiber top, back, sides, and neck. The result is a very stable instrument with deep lows and slightly rounded, yet defined highs.
This is one of the warmest and most natural sounding composite guitars I have ever played.
The natural projection here is outstanding.
But, should you need to reach the back of the hall, this CA comes with an onboard Trace Elliot Acoustic pickup/preamp.
This system was designed to sound more like a mic'd guitar rather than a standard acoustic/electric.
Controls for Volume, Bass, & Treble.
This system is perfect on its own or paired with the Trace Elliot Transit acoustic pedal.
The neck here is super thin and comfortable with an oval C profile.
Add to that the 16" fretboard radius, and heel-less neck joint, and you have one of the best playing acoustics on the scene.
The look here is gorgeous- carbon burst carbon fiber finish.
This auction includes the SKB zippered hardshell case in pics.
This is your chance to get your hands on a top shelf/boutique acoustic.
We are an authorized Composite Acoustics dealer.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by!