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Casio CGP-700 Hammer Action 88-Key Digital Grand Piano Keyboard


$ 799.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Casio CGP-700 Digital Piano.
The CGP is designed for a real piano feel and tone.
The 88 keys here are hammer action for a true piano feel.
This is a powerful digital piano- the sample for the tones were captured in a studio with up to 12 microphones to capture every nuance of the sound.
There are 550 tones onboard- everything from 7' grand piano to guitars, basses, drums, and synths.
There are 200 realistic rhythm ensembles onboard- perfect to jam over or write with.
Add to those the oboard effects, including rotary and phasers, and you have the perfect vehicle to create.
Best of all everything is selectable via the touchscreen, making this one of the easiest digital pianos to navigate.
The onboard 17-track sequencer is perfect for live gigs and studio tracks, and the USB allows you to transfer the tracks to your computer with ease.
The included stand has built in speakers, which combine with the onboard speakers to create a powerful 6 speaker true-to-life experience.
The Casio CGP is a powerful tool for any pianist or keyboard player looking to take things to the next level.
We are an authorized Casio dealer.
Buy with confidence.
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