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Cole Clark Angel AN2EC-BLBL-Hum Humbucker Blackwood Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Cole Clark Angel AN2ECBLBL Humbucker Acoustic Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale. 1.75" nut width. 15 1/4" bottom bout. 4.25" deep.
.76"-1.05" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.
Cole Clark has been making some of the finest acoustic guitars for years and have garnered the respect and praise of artists and builders alike.
Using only the best materials and craftsmanship, Cole Clark creates instrument of unparalleled tone and breathtaking beauty.
This Angel is birthed from blackwood- top, back, and sides.
The graining here is absolutely gorgeous.
The AN2E features the Cole Clark trademark construction where the solid woods of the top and back are internally carved, as opposed to the traditional separate flat-top and bracings.
This construction provides superb tonal reflection, as well as exceptional projection.
The blackwood creates an instrument with a complex harmonic voice with brilliant top end and controlled bass response.
Combine that with a thin satin nitro finish and this Angel has an open and woody tone, with excellent projection and note articulation.
When taking to the stage or the studio the Angel is equipped with the Cole Clark Preamp system featuring a face sensor, internal mic, bridge pickup, and back sensor plus a 3-band EQ for the perfect amplified acoustic balance.
Of course, where this AN2 takes a massive turn is the Lollar Imperial humbucker pickup.
This pickup has series/parallel options- perfect for magnetic cleans, crunch, and even heavy gain tones.
The wood under the pickup is thicker, reducing (almost eliminating) feedback at high gain amp settings.
This makes the Cole Clark Humbucker one of the most versatile instruments on the scene- go from true acoustic cleans to overdrives.
The super-playable neck is Queensland maple with a gorgeous satin She Oak fretboard adorned with abalone diamonds.
The body cutaway enables access to the entire fingerboard.
A true cutting edge player.
The Cole Clark AN2EC-BLBL-HUM is a beautifully understated instrument that allows the heavenly tone and captivating woods to become a work of art.
This Angel comes with the hardshell case.
We are an authorized Cole Clark dealer.
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