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DarkGlass Electronics Microtubes Infinity Preamp Bass Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the DarkGlass Microtubes Infinity Bass Guitar Effect Pedal.
The Microtubes Infinity shares the footmark of our programmable line, packed with our three legendary Microtubes distortions: B3K, Vintage, and X.
Moreover, it allows multiband compression on every mode, blending Impulse responses between distortions while adding extra controls via the Darkglass suite for an endless number of features: An infinity of possibilities.
There are three rotary footswitch encoders here -∞, 0, and +∞, which can be pressed or rotated.
These footswitch encoders enable many of the Microtubes Infinity’s functions.
Simply press A, B, or C toswitch to the preset stored in that footswitch.
The rotational position of each encoder is displayed on the five LEDs under each encoder. Additionally, when rotating, the position is shown on the potentiometer LEDs – this is a visual aid that does not affect the potentiometer configuration.
· Rotating -∞ allows you to change the compressor ratio or bypass the compressor.
· Rotating 0 allows you to change the distortion mode or bypass the distortion.
· Rotating +∞ allows you to change the active IR in the signal chain or bypass the IR.
When none of the five LEDs are lit, the respective compressor/distortion/IR is bypassed.
Rotating 0 allows you to bypass or change the distortion mode. The modes are:
1. Clean tube preamp
2. Vintage Microtubes
3. Microtubes B3K*
4. Vintage Microtubes multi-band*
5. Microtubes B3K multi-band*
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