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Darkglass Element Cabinet Simulation Headphone Amplifier Amp Bass Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Darkglass Element Cabinet Simulation Headphone Amp effect pedal!
Darkglass continues to release cutting edge effects with this state of the art cabinet simulator and headphone amp in a compact pedal format.
You won't find any knobs on the Element's top panel. It uses Darkglass's proprietary touch-sensor technology with three tactical sliders and positioning LEDs, so you can set your parameters quickly and see them easily when the lights are low.
Straight out of the box, the Element offers 5 cabinet simulations, and you can add many more with the Darkglass Suite.
You can use Bluetooth technology to listen to backing tracks while playing, rehearsing, or studying.
Two headphone outputs to allow interaction among musicians.
An XLR output to connect the Element to your audio interface or PA system.
On its right side is the XLR jack and a ground lift button switch.
Its left side is fitted with a 1/4" input, switchable 12 and 30dB pads, a 3.5mm TRS aux input, a 1/4" parallel output for connection to an amp, and a Micro USB C port for connecting to your computer.
With a uniquely innovative approach, in one device, the Element provides an immensely practical tool to empower modern musicians.
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