Dean Dimebag Stealth Flame Top Trans Brazilia Electric Guitar w/OHSC *B-Stock*

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Dean Dime Stealth Trans Brazilia Electric Guitar.
24.75" scale length. 43mm nut width. 8 lbs 3 oz.
.82"-.92" neck depth. B-stock due to missing paint in trem cavity- purely aesthetic.
The Dean Stealth is a prime example of why Dean guitars are quite simply the coolest rock guitars available, and have been for decades.
Combining exquisite woods, killer finishes, and stellar designs Dean guitars define what the rock image is.
The body has a body type in the Dean ML family, but highly stylized and made way more bad ass.
This guitar is a weapon.
The highly flamed Trans Brazilia maple sits atop a mahogany body for that time-tested toney.
The super-resonant body is loud and dynamic acoustically, but when let loose through the Dean USA and Duncan humbuckers this Stealth is anything but hidden.
The Dean USA DMT DimeTime humbucker (complete with electrical tape) lives in the neck position and produces warm, thick tones while retaining clarity and note articulation.
And the bridge position Seymour Duncan Dimbucker is hot but musical, producing long signing sustain and tight crunchy tones.
An amazingly sensitive pickup that responds to changing in pick dynamics and attack - superb for fast picking.
The neck of the Dime Stealth has a soft V, more like oval C, profile with an ebony fretboard for supreme playability and tone.
The slick board is adorned with pearloid diamonds and Dimebag's trademark razor blade at the 12th.
Holding it all down, and divebombing all the way, is a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge for all your extreme sqealing needs.
This monster guitar even comes with an official hardshell case.
The Dean Dime Stealth Brazilia Flame Top Guitar is a straight-up-lay-it-down-vulgar-display-of-hard-rock guitar.
And so it should be.
We are an authorized Dean dealer.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by.