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Dean Nashvegas Select Flame Top HH Telecaster Tele Electric Guitar Trans Red


$ 599.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Dean Nashvegas Select Tele Trans Red Electric Guitar. 25.5" scale length. 1.66" nut width. .79" depth at 5th fret. 8.0 lbs.
The Dean Nashvegas Flame Top Telecaster is a guitar built for the working musician, with tones galore and custom shop looks. The alder body, cut to the famous Tele silhouette, is capped with a stellar piece of flamed maple, split and joined center.
This wonderful wood is covered in a Transparent Red, uninterrupted by a pickguard, to bring out nature's work of art. This resonant body is amazingly dynamic with excellent acoustic projection and articulation.
All this vibrational goodness is captured by a pair of Dean DMT humbuckers. In the neck position sits a Nostalgia Humbucker, that is warm and fat, with 'woman tone' tendencies. In the bridge is a Baker Act, a high-output humbucker for superb leads and power chords, while still retaining note articulation and response to picking dynamics.
The maple neck is modern with a C profile, thin feel, and smooth finish. The fretboard is flatter than a vintage Tele, creating a much more comfortable and fast surface for chords and note bends.
The 2015 Dean Nashvegas Flame Top HH Telecaster is quite simply a killer guitar. Period.
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