DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Telecaster Black Bridge Single Coil Pickup

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Pickup. Wiring: 2-conductor lead wire. Magnet: Alnico 5. DC Resistance: 14.23k Ohm.
The DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge pickup was developed to tame the super high end common to Telecasters. It fattens up highs and boosts lows and mids for a super even tone, without the super-bright bite.
The raised output of the Pre B-1 also thickens up distortion tones and adds sustain.
The DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 is the perfect pickup for any Tele player looking to tame the high end shrill and add a little beef to the tone.
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