DiMarzio DP161-FBK Steve's Special F-Spaced Humbucker Guitar Bridge Pickup

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the DiMarzio DP161FBK Steve's Special Humbucker Pickup in Black. Wiring: 4-Conductor. Magnet: ceramic. Output mV: 390. DC Resistance: 18.21k Ohm.
The Steve's Special takes a unique approach to the high-output bridge pickup concept by using dual-resonance design to produce a pickup that spreads the output power across a broad range, and not just the narrow mid-frequencies like other high-output humbuckers.
This produces a pickup with boosted bass and treble frequencies with mildly pulled back mids allowing for superb clarity for both fast leads and clean chords because the individual notes retain articulate separation, even at high gain levels.
The DiMarzio Steve's Special - the perfect pickups for smooth and balalnced lead tones and hi-fidelity cleans.
This model is F-Spaced.
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