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DiMarzio DP222 D-Activator X Humbucking F-Spaced Guitar Bridge Pickup


$ 84.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the DiMarzio DP222 D-Activator X Humbucking Pickup in Black. Wiring: 4-Conductor. Magnet: ceramic. Output mV: 500. DC Resistance: 14.51k Ohm.
The X2N has been one of Dimarzio's best selling pickups for decades.
Players wanted something with the X2N's brutal output but with more clarity for versatility.
Enter the D-Activator X.
These were designed for versatility to cover a wide variety of tones, from massive overdrives to brilliant cleans, thanks to added clarity and presence.
The Illuminator increases midrange punch, bumps the highs up, and tightens the lows, for powerful projection without blurry low end through an overdriven amp.
For guitarists searching for a powerful and tight bridge pickup, with boosted mids and warm highs, for their Floyd-equipped guitar the DiMarzio D-Activator X F-Spaced Humbucker is the answer.
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