DiMarzio USA DP421 Area T Hot Tele Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the DiMarzio DP421 Area T Hot Bridge Pickup. Wiring: 4-Conductor. Magnet: Alnico 2. Output mV: 238. DC Resistance: 9.33k Ohm.
The Area T was developed using the knowledge DiMarzio acquired building the Area Strat pickups.
The idea was to capture the tone and vibe of vintage pickups while eliminating hum.
The Area T brings a great classic but slightly higher output with solid lows and crisp highs.
Bass: 6.0 Mids: 6.0 & Treble: 6.5.
​As you can see, the frequencies are slightly boosted across the board while really dialing in the quintessential freqs for a great Tele tone.
Perfect for clean 'Nashville' tones, and, because the hum is eliminated, this pickup takes exceptionally well to overdrives as well.
For guitarists searching for a super-even, powerful, and dynamic bridge pickups for their Teles- the DiMarzio Area T Hot pickup is the grail you've been looking for.
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