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Dunlop Volume DVP3 Guitar Effect Pedal w/ Expression & Tuner Outputs


$ 119.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece. This is the Dunlop DVP3 Volume/Expression pedal.
Solidly built in a heavy-duty aluminum chassis with non-slip tread, the DVP3 Volume/Expression Pedal from Dunlop allows for incredibly smooth and delicate volume swells while being road-ready tough.
The patent-pending band drive allows for a smooth range of motion without fear of breakage or change in feel.
And the rocker tension is fully adjustable to customize the feel just the way you want it.
The DVP3 also functions as an expression pedal to control your effects.
​Adjustable via internal trim pots.
Built like a tank, moves like silk, controls effects, and even has a dedicated tuner output for silent tuning on stage.
We are an authorized Dunlop dealer.
Don't pass this by!