E.K. Blessing USA BTB-78 F-Rotor Trombone T-Bone Brass Band Instrument

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Welcome, you are looking at a beautiful trombone example.
This is the E.K. Blessing BTB-78 F-Rotor Trombone.
The BTB-78 is a .525 small bore model with an 8” bell and F attachment rotor.
It delivers great tone, response and versatility.
Small bore doesn’t mean small sound, especially with this horn.
E.K. Blessing is the only maker of brass instruments producing its entire product line in Elkhart, Indiana. We have made instruments by hand since 1906, and our student and intermediate trombones have been highly regarded as dependable, sturdy, quality instruments for decades. Our new BTB-1547 professional trombone allows players to expand their playing even further. There are choices to suit every player, including models with rotor mechanisms and F attachments.
We also offer a “low stress” copper bell that has been well received.
These are instruments that have propelled thousands of trombonists to higher levels of performance.
Don't pass this by!