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Electro Harmonix EHX Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Effect Effects Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Electro Harmonix Nano POG effect pedal.

The EHX Nano POG is the smallest, and most pedalboard-friendly, of the POG family, and provides impeccable tracking and sound.

With separate controls for dry, sub octave, and octave up, and an extra Dry output, make this POG super flexible. It can track chords, sweep arpeggios, or single notes without glitch, and can create authentic 12-string guitar sounds or turn a guitar into a bass.

In addition to these pitch capabilities the POG also has amazing organ-like tones.

The EHX Nano POG is quite simply a groovy effect, with outstanding sounds and quality, that finally squeezes into your packed board.

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