EVH 5150 Standard Neon Pink Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose D-Tuna Kill Switch

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Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece.
This is the EVH 5150 Standard Neon Pink Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale. 43mm nut width. 7 lbs 3 oz.
.74"-.83" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.
The first two pics are file pics to more closely represent the true color, and it is even more vibrant in real life- cameras do not like neon.
This EVH 5150 gives a nod to the 1980s Kramer and Charvel lines.
Featuring a basswood body, this guitar has great natural resonance with an even tonal response.
Grabbing up that tone are dual EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 direct mounted humbuckers.
Designed by Eddie himself, the Wolfgang bridge pickup offers access to the elusive 'brown sound'- PAF-ish in nature but with a bit more power behind it.
The neck position has sweet sustain- perfect for bend/holds and fast-picked passages.
The electronics here are special- an EVH Bourns low friction volume and an EVH Bourns high-friction tone.
The volume pot has a treble bleed, so you retain articulation as you roll back.
The neck has a thin profile- .74"-.83" 1st to 12th neck depth with a EVH Modified C carve.
The fingerboard has a 12"-16" compound radius- for comfortable chording and effortless bends.
The icing on the cake is the top-mount EVH Floyd Rose tremolo.
This tremolo has a thick baseplate for good tone transfer and the traditional smooth Floyd feel.
This trem features the D-Tuna on the low E, allowing you to drop to D and go back up to E at a moment's notice.
A fantastic guitar for tone chasers and Van Halen fans.
This is your chance to get your hands on one of the sweetest guitars in the EVH line.
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