EVH Striped Series Satin Circles See Ya Electric Guitar w/ Gig Bag

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Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece.
This is the EVH Striped Series Satin 'Circles' Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale. 43mm nut width. 7  lbs 9 oz.
.78"-.83" 1st to 12th fret neck dpeth.
The EVH Striped Series has been a huge hit among players- finally players have access to the guitars we've been seeing on Mtv and on stage with Eddie since the 1980's.
This Circles EVH is based on the guitar Eddie used in the videos from the Fair Warning tour- with the 'See Ya Later' graphic faithfully recreated on the back.
Featuring a basswood body, this guitar has great natural resonance with an even tonal response.
Grabbing up that tone is the EVH Wolfgang humbucker.
Designed by Eddie himself, this pickup offers access to the elusive 'brown sound'- PAF-ish in nature but with a bit more power behind it.
The electronics here, just a volume control, puts less drag on your tone, allowing the the pickup to go unencumbered to the output.
Roll back the volume, and the pickup cleans up nicely- there are a lot of fantastic tones from '0' to '10' here- from nearly clean 'Hear About It Later' to sassy crunch to full out sustain.
The maple neck here has a raw wood feel, which also adds to the overall resonance here.
The one-piece maple neck has a thin 'EVH Modified C' profile with an oil finish.
The fingerboard has a 12"-16" compund radius- for comfortable chording and effortless bends.
The icing on the cake is the EVH Floyd Rose tremolo.
This tremolo has a thick baseplate for good tone transfer and the traditional smooth Floyd feel.
This trem features the D-Tuna on the low E, allowing you to drop to D and go back up to E at a moment's notice.
A fantastic guitar for tone chasers and Van Halen fans.
This is your chance to get your hands on one of the sweetest guitars I have ever played.
We are an authorized EVH dealer.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by!