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EVH Van Halen 5150 III 50 Watt Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Combo


$ 1,299.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
​This is the EVH 5150 III 50w Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier Combo.
Eddie Van Halen is the king of tone. The entire guitar world has been chasing his tone since 1978. So, who better to design the ultimate amplifier?
This amp is a total tone machine. There are 3 channels of operation- channels 1 & 2 share the same 3 band eq, channel 3 has its own 3 band eq. As with the original 5150, there is more gain available here than you'll likely ever need.
That makes this the perfect choice for a wide variety of genres- everything from blues to rock to metal is right onboard.
This amp is incredibly dynamic- if you run the gains a bit under half, turn up the master, and use your guitar's volume knob as a volume control, you get a very good classic EVH 'brown' touch sensitive tone- just incredible.
Of course, you can run the gains full up, pull the mids back, bring up the Presence and Resonance, and you have a great metal tone.
There are an exceptional number of sounds in this beauty.
7 12ax7s and Dual 6L6's bring 50 watts of all tube tone to the table.
This runs into the 12" Celestion speaker, specially voiced to bring out the best in the 5150 III.
On the back you'll find a Direct Out, Headphone Out, Effects Loop, and Resonance.
The channels and effects loop are all controlled by the included footswitch.
This is your chance to get your hands on a great tube combo, designed by the king of tone- EVH.
We are an authorized EVH dealer.
Don't pass this by.