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Fender Blues Junior IV Swamp Thang Graffiti Yellow Tube Guitar Amplifier Amp


$ 699.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Limited Edition Fender Blues Junior IV Swamp Thang Graffiti Yellow Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier.
This limited edition Fender Blues Junior IV is an all-tube combo that pushes a classic 15-watts of true Fender tone with a great Graffiti Yellow tolex covering and Black grill.
The preamp section houses three 12AX7 tubes for classic cleans and overdrives, and the power section has a pair of EL84 tubes.
Because the Junior IV is a lower wattage amp you can crank the volume to tap into the sweet power tube sustain and distortion without blowing out your windows and neighbors.
Engage the Fat switch and you add some gorgeous low-end mids enabling a thick round tone at any volume.
Perfect for smaller gigs, too.
The real spring reverb provides perfect ambience and depth, and the big bottom of the Eminence Swamp Thang 12" speaker keeps the tones pure and full yet focused.
The Fender Blues Junior IV Tube Combo Amp is a stellar tone machine that's ideal for beautiful tones and aesthetics in the studio or in the club.
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Buy with confidence.