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Fender USA Custom HandWired '57 Champ Tube Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier Amp


$ 999.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Fender USA Handwired '57 Champ Guitar Combo Amplifier.
In the late 1950's the tweed Fender was a benchmark for great looks, sweet tone, and powerful performance.
Originals are considered one of the holy grails of guitar amps.
This hand-wired reissue of the '57 Champ comes from the prestigious Fender Custom series.
This all-tube combo amp faithfully reproduces the classic handwired circuit, pushing 5 'Fenderific' watts through an 8" Jensen speaker- voiced for warm and sensitive response.
The amp's harmonically rich clean tones are perfect for vintage rock, blues, and country styles, and the natural pushed overdrives are dynamic and sensitive.
This amp sounds stellar when fed stomp boxes.
The '57 Champ Handwired reissue features dual inputs, finger-jointed solid pine construction, vintage-style leather handle, chicken head knob, a 12AY7 preamp tube, a 6V6 power tube, and a 5Y3GT rectifier tube.
This is your chance to get an amazing amplifier that is virtually assured to become a future collectible.
We are an authorized Fender dealer.
Buy with confidence.
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