Fishman Triple Play Electric Guitar Pickup Wireless MIDI Controller PRO-TRP-301

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Welcome, you are looking at a super cool piece.
This is the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar MIDI Controller.
TriplePlay is a revolutionary, high-performance MIDI Guitar Controller and Software that seamlessly connects to any device that accepts USB MIDI, including Mac, PC, and iOS. 
With TriplePlay, you can connect to a vast universe of virtual instruments, synthesizers, and plugins, previously only accessible to keyboards.
Use Fishman’s advanced VST software to create and control your favorite virtual instruments, up to five simultaneous instruments, or split the instruments across the fretboard in limitless combinations. 
Connect your guitar’s output with an audio interface to blend amps and effects with virtual instruments while you play.
Easily attach the TriplePlay Wireless controller to nearly any electric and acoustic steel string guitar and play MIDI-controlled synthesizers and virtual instruments, adding limitless control to your performance, on stage or in the studio.
- Easy and non-invasive installation on most 6-string guitars
- Wireless MIDI connection
- The fastest, most accurate, and most responsive real-time guitar pitch-detection on the planet
- New hand-position technology eliminates ghost notes – flawless chords have never been easier!
- Works with Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer©, GarageBand®, -Ableton Live®, and any other music software that accepts class-compliant MIDI
This Fishman is in mint/NOS condition- this was sealed, we opened the box for the first time to take pictures.
If you want to expand the horizons of your home recordings, this is for you.
Don't pass this by!