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Fulltone USA 2B JFET Boost Electric Guitar Effect Effects Pedal


$ 111.20 $ 139.00

Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece. This is the Fulltone 2B Boost pedal.
The Fulltone 2B is not just your average boost pedal. Although it is a stellar booster for leads and pushing the front ends of amps, it has a special design that helps redeem your guitar tone from long chains of stompboxes.
The unity-gain JFET op-amp provides a buffered signal when the pedal is bypassed eliminating the tone drain of multiple effects pedals and the connecting patch cables.
The level knob perfectly reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies for a smooth, even tone, and the Dynamics knob subdues unpleasant transient spikes. All of which makes the Fulltone 2B the perfect pedal for salvaging all the tone you pedalboard sucks from your guitar and amp.
We are an authorized Fulltone dealer. Don't pass this by.