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George Fedden & Travis Bean Aluminum Neck Acrylic Flames Electric Guitar Used


$ 2,999.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the George Fedden & Travis Bean Custom Acrylic Flames Electric Guitar.
24.75" scale. 1.66" nut width. 8 lbs 6oz.
.86"-.97" ast to 12th fret neck depth.
The George Fedden acrylic guitars are custom made to order works of art.
This beauty features a solid acrylic body- in the instantly recognizable 'flames' design made famous by Steve Vai and his Gem guitar in the Goin' Crazy video.
The body here, combined with the aluminum neck, create an incredible amount of natural sustain.
Overall warm, with nice high end response.
Grabbing up this tone and adding in its own midrange character is the Gibson humbucker- looks to be a Dirty Fingers - 15.43k.
This pickup is an absolute monter in this guitar- very full with incredible dynamic response.
Roll back the volume control and there a large number of excellent sounds within the sweep- from classic 'EVH' to full out saturation. This pickup and the guitar definitely complement each other well.
The alumin Travis Bean neck here has a great profile- .93" deep at the 5th fret- with a good balance of mass and comfort.
Add to that the 15" fretboard radius and you have a great player.
The look is incredible- clear 'flame' acrylic body, aluminum neck, faux wood guard, and chrome hardware.
This beauty is in very good overall condition- typical very light wear from normal use.
The frets are clean- just set up with action of just over 3/32" at the 12th fret low E.
This auction includes a padded gig bag.
This is your chance to get your hands on a truly amazing piece- the custom Fedden/Bean acrylic/aluminum electric guitar.
Don't pass this by!