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Instrument Cable, Neutrik Connectors (QTR-QTR, 25')

On-Stage Cables

$ 24.95 

Everything about these cables has Professional written all over them!Get the most out of your instrument with our new Pro-line series of instrument cables using the finest components to ensure that every last bit of tone gets from your instrument to your amplifier.Connectors: Genuine Neutrik connectors feature a one piece machined contact and unique chuck-type strain relief for ultra durability.Conductor: The conductor itself is comprised of thick 20awg high strand count99.99% copper wire.Shielding: Tinned copper braided shielding provides a minimum of 98% coverage.Jacket: Protected by a thick, PVC jacket. Quick-laying cable runs flat on floors, yet remains flexible and intact over years of winding.


  • Genuine Neutrik connectors
  • Chuck-type strain relief for ultra durability
  • 20awg high strand count 99.99% copper wire
  • Tinned copper braided shielding provides a minimum of 98% coverage
  • Thick PVC jacket

Spec Sheet:

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