Jargar Superior Medium 4/4 Violin String Set Strings Orchestral

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Welcome, this is the Jargar Superior Medium 4/4 Violin String Set.
The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher a new era at Jargar.
Now, Jargar can offer a top-notch choice for professional musicians playing everything from Solo to Orchestra to Chamber Music.
For those players who demand the very highest standards in sound quality, performance and reliability.
The warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound.
Every audience can enjoy a full projective sound with the combination of a unique core technology and carefully selected winding materials.
The strings have a quick response.
Especially soft notes have a fantastic clarity without using a lot of bow

E: 0,27 mm (8,30 kp)
A: 0,68 mm (5,68 kp)
D: 0,65 mm (4,93 kp)
G: 0,75 mm (4,80 kp)

This is your chance to get the strings you need for the price you want.
Don't pass this by!