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Jupiter JOB-1000 Modified Conservatory System Oboe Woodwind Instrument w/ Case


$ 2,369.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Jupiter JOB1000 Modified Conservatory Oboe.
The Jupiter JOB1000 Modified Conservatory System Oboe is made with a durable, dense and wood-like plastic body, and as such is an excellent oboe for the student player.
It is rugged and dependable and will withstand the rigors of getting to school and back with ease.
It has a sweet tone and is mechanically sound.
It also has silver-plated keys, left and right hand C/D trill, and a low Bb key.
-ABS Resin Body provides a durable alternative to a wood body perfect for rigorous playing demands without sacrificing tonal quality
-The modified conservatory key system with Low Bb Key extends the instrument range allowing the player access to more repertoire
-ABS Molded Case offers excellent lightweight protection and is very easy to carry
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