Korg Minilogue BA Bass 37-Key Polyphonic Analogue Keyboard Synthesizer Synth

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Korg Minilogue BA Bass 37-Key Sequencing Synthesizer.
Get down. Way down.
Get juice and squelch. Throbbing Drive. Greasy fatness. Liquid ooze. And all in genuine analog warmth and studio quality clarity.
KORG’s Minilogue, with its completely unique analog signal path, compact format, easy-to-play slim keys, and extensive sound capabilities, is one of the most popular, best selling synthesizers in music history.
Now welcome the incredible limited edition Minilogue Bass; designed and voiced to add inspirational bass into your music.
The Minilogue Bass features programs created by a specially selected group of bass playing and programming pros from around the world so you get a big variety of rich, analog synth bass sounds that will inspire you and help your music stand out.
Featuring bass preset programs developed with pro bassists and synth programmers
All of the programs on the minilogue bass have been optimized by professional bass players and synth programmers to fit perfectly into any recording or performance although they can all be edited and customized to your taste.
You can change the thickness of the sound using the VCOs and voice mode, the brightness of the sound using the filter and so on.
All of the 100 presets were newly created just for the minilogue bass and you can save up to 200 of your own sounds (100 preset programs and 100 user programs).
In addition, all the programs for the original minilogue will also work perfectly in the minilogue bass giving you access to a huge library of sounds covering all possible music and sound genres.
Now’s the time to step outside the box and get down with the limited edition Minilogue Bass
The Minilogue BA is a feature-packed synth- the perfect addition to your studio and stage rig.
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