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Mesa Boogie Mark V 90w Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Head w/ FS and Cover

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Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece.
This is the Mesa Boogie Mark V Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier Head.
The Mark V is one of Mesa's most versatile amplifiers.
This beauty has 3 channels, each with 3 different voicings, and 3 different output settings.
7 12ax7's, 4 6L6s, and a 5U4 bring 90 watts of warm tube power.
On the back you also have tube/diode rectifier choices, as well as a pentode/triode switch for channel 3.
Add to that the infamous 5 band Mesa graphic EQ and you have a full palette of classic and modern Mesa tones.
The cleans here are legendary and highly sought after.
From brilliant chord sparkle to dark jazz comps to pushed Nashville are all right there with tight bottom end.
On Channels 2 and 3 you open up that Mesa overdrive.
These are the tones that have been the backbone of many famous guitar sounds- Petrucci, Santana, Metallica- etc.
Just gorgeous.
The onboard Reverb adds sweet depth to rhythms and great tails to leads and all 3 channels have their own Reverb levels.
This is the perfect amp for any session or gig.
This Mesa is in good overall condition- typical marks from normal use, and transport.
Fully tested and works as it should.
This includes the original footswtich and cover.
This is your chance to get your hands on one of the most feature-packed Mesas- the Mark V.
Don't pass this by!