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Mesa Boogie USA Mark III Blue Stripe 100w Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Preowned

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Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon, you are looking at a really cool piece.
This is the Mesa Boogie Mark III 'Blue Stripe' Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier.
The Blue Stripe Mesas are highly regarded among players, known as the most aggressive Mark IIIs.
Of course, this has also got that classic Mesa tone built right in.
5 12ax7's, 2 EL34s, and 2 6L6s bring 100 watts of warm tube power.
This III is a 3 channel design with enough tonal options to keep you busy for a long time.
Each knob here pulls out to produce a different tonal effect.
Add to that the infamous 5 band Mesa graphic EQ and you have a full palette of tones.
The cleans here are legendary and highly sought after.
From brilliant chord sparkle to dark jazz comps are all right there with tight bottom end.
Beautiful pushed slightly clipped cleans and light crunch are available on Rhythm 2.
Switch over to the Lead channel and you have that Mesa drive right at your fingertips.
This is the tone that has been the backbone of many famous guitar sounds- Petrucci, Santana, Metallica- etc. Using the push/pulls and the graphic EQ you can attain thick mid-heavy lead tones, clipped blues tones, all the way to scooped hard rock.
Just gorgeous.
This III also has the Simul-Class switch so you can achieve natural tube overdrive and get tube sustain at lower levels.
The onboard Reverb adds sweet depth to rhythms and great tails to leads.
On the back panel you will find the Presence control, Reverb, Direct out, and Effects Loop.
All of this great Mesa tone runs to the 12" Mesa/Electro-Voice Black Shadow speaker
This is the perfect amp for any size session or gig.
This Mesa is in good overall condition- typical marks from age, normal use, and transport.
Fully tested and works as it should.
This is your chance to get your hands on one of the most sought after Mesas- the Mark III Blue Stripe.
Don't pass this by.