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MXR CSP099 Custom Shop Phase 99 Dual Phase 90 Phase Shifter Guitar Effect Effects Pedal


$ 169.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece. This is the MXR CSP099 Custom Shop Phase 99.
The MXR Custom Shop Phase 99 opens up the sonic palette of the iconic Phase 90 by combining two of the legendary pahse circuits into a single Phase 90 housing. Each of the internal phasors have their own rate control and outputs.
Other features include a Vintage switch for toggling between modern and vintage phase styles, a P/S swith to toggle signal between the circuits from series to parallel, and a Sync switch synchronize the rate of each phase circuit.
This is a must have for those looking for deep and new phase tones. We are an authorized MXR dealer. Don't pass this by.