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MXR M135 Smart Gate Noise Gate Guitar Effect Effects Pedal


$ 129.99 $ 185.70

Welcome , you are looking at a great piece.  
This is the MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal.
The MXR Smart Gate is the perfect way for you to eliminate buzz and hiss from your guitar or bass pedalboard.
The M135 Smart Gate lets every nuance of your playing through, thanks to its intelligent gate speed.
When you're holding a chord, the M135 Smart Gate reacts slowly so your sustain is never cut off.
Get into fast palm-muted fury, and the M135 Smart Gate snaps into action, adding incredible definition to your playing.
It features three operation modes optimized for different noise problems.
Hiss controls high-frequency noise, Mid is for noise guitar amps, and Full is for wide-range signals and bass rigs.
Cut out the noise and keep your tone, with the MXR M135 Smart Gate pedal: built like a tank for years of stomping.
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