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Peavey PV6BT 6 Channel Mixer w/ Bluetooth and Phantom Power


$ 199.99 

Welcome to All Music Inc! Right now, you are looking at a really cool piece.

This is the Peavey PV6BT Mixer.

The new Peavey PV6BT mixer is equipped with Peavey's reference-quality mic preamps making this an ideal compact mixer for live or recording applications.

The PV6BT includes two channels with these pro-level mic pres, two direct outputs for recording, a stereo input channel, a dedicated media channel, Bluetooth wireless input, and digital effects.

This compact wonder also has 48 volt phantom power, dual selectable control room outputs, built-in stereo compressor, an on-board selectable high impedance preamp equalized for guitar, bypassable 3-band EQ per channel, and a stereo master LED meter bridge.

In addition, the PV6BT can stream the stereo mix directly to and from a PC via USB, and the USB to Control Room switch allows for direct monitoring when recording with a DAW, such as the included Reaper software.

We are an authorized Peavey dealer. Don't pass this by.