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One Control Sea Turquoise Delay Electric Guitar Effect Pedal BJF Series

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The One Control Sea Turquoise Delay is an incredible, versatile delay pedal!
Featuring a delay time up to 600ms, and a useful Kill/Dry switch for studio application.
It only has three controls and a switch.
The Level controls the output of the pedal and therefore the volume of the echo.
The Delay controls the delay time, from doubling 600 ms.
The Feedback controls depth of the echo.
Finally, the Kill Dry Switch on the side of the pedal determines whether the dry signal is present at output.
This switch is useful when using mixing consoles and PA system where you may only require the effect for depth of sound and ambiance.
One Control BJF Series effects pedals were design by world-renowned pedal guru and mad professr Bjorn Juhl. All BFJ FX pedals can be powered using a 9V battery or standard DC power supplies, and features true-bypass switching. BJF Series FX pedals are incredibly light, and are built using high-quality, compact aluminum enclosures.
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