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Outlaw Effects Cactus Juice 2-Mode Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon! Right now, you are looking at a great piece. The Outlaw Effects Cactus Juice 2-Mode Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal.

This classic warm, creamy screamer-inspired drive is tonic for your tone

JUICED/NORMAL toggle switch offers additional versatility, with higher gain setting accessible with a flick of a switch:

  • NORMAL: Traditionally warm and creamy breakup, great for rhythm parts, blues guitars, etc

  • JUICED: Ups the gain dosage to extra strength, and lets you tear through even the densest of mixes.

Level, Gain and Tone knobs give you complete control over your sound

Outlaw Effects are a compact line of guitar/bass effects pedals.
They are slim and low profile, taking up very little room on your pedal board.
True bypass switching, a rugged chassis, low noise and affordability are the hallmarks of this line.
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