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Outlaw Effects Dead Man's Hand 2-Mode Electric Guitar Overdrive Effect Pedal

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Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon! Right now, you are looking at a great piece.
The Outlaw Effects Dead Man's Hand overdrive effect pedal gives you a wide array of gritty, overdrive tones, and is at home across most styles!
The pedal's two distinct overdrive modes lets you choose your flavor.
Eights mode gives you that warm/creamy "screamer" sound, and pushes your favorite tube amp to the sweet spot.
Great for single coil pickups!
Aces mode delivers a hotter, thicker tone with added sustain, best paired with humbuckers
Also featuring true bypass switching, Dead Man's Hand offers up a wide range of overdrive tones while preserving the overall feel and character of your setup.
Outlaw Effects are a compact line of guitar/bass effects pedals.
They are slim and low profile, taking up very little room on your pedal board.
​True bypass switching, a rugged chassis, low noise and affordability are the hallmarks of this line.
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