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Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II Tuner Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

Outlaw Effects

$ 39.95 

Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon! Right now, you are looking at a great piece. The Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II Tuner Guitar Effect Pedal is a Chromatic tuner suitable for a wide range of instruments. The LCD display provides a clear visual reference of your note. Signal is muted when tuning. True Bypass switching retains the purity of signal when not in use.

The Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II Tuner Guitar Effect Pedal is quicker, more accurate, and larger screen than original Six Shooter.

Outlaw Effects are a compact line of guitar/bass effects pedals.
They are slim and low profile, taking up very little room on your pedal board.
True bypass switching, a rugged chassis, low noise and affordability are the hallmarks of this line.
We are an authorized Outlaw Effects dealer.
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