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Peavey USA 5150 212 Electric Guitar Tube Combo Amplifier Amp w/FS Van Halen


$ 649.95 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. 
This is the Peavey USA 5150 212 60w Electric Guitar Amplifier.
For decades players chased Eddie's tone, the 5150 finally put the actual amp he was using into the hands of players everywhere.
The 5150 is arguably perfection- favored by guitarists from virtually every genre.
With 2 6L6's and 5 12ax7's, there's more gain available here than most will ever need.
The 60w output allows you to really engage the power amp for great dynamic sensitivity.
Channel one features Bright and Crunch options, so you can set a crunchy rhythm channel and use the lead channel for its namesake.
Just a fantastic sounding amp- from sensitive tube breakup to full-out metal, it's all a knob away.
This amp's fantastic tone runs to the dual Sheffield 12" speakers.
This 5150 is in very good overall condition- typical marks from use and one changed screw on the back panel and typical tolex checking.
Very well tested and works as it should.
This auction includes the footswitch.
This is your chance to get your hands on a fantastic amplifier, designed by EVH- one of the world's finest tone chasers and Peavey USA.
We have been an authorized Peavey dealer for the better part of a decade.
Buy with confidence.