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Perfect Pair Powered Speaker Cable Assembly (100')

On-Stage Cables

$ 211.95 

Perfect Pair Combo Cables maximize the convenience of powered speakers. They carry both AC power and double-shielded line level signal. This means that only one power drop is necessary, from which power and signal can be sent with just one cable run. 36" tails at both ends ensure that there is plenty of length to accommodate any setup. Power connections are made via industry standard IEC plugs, compatible with most popular powered speaker models. A great alternative to running multiple extension cords and microphone cables.Length: 100'Connectors: IEC/XLRCable Gauge: 24 guage signal lines; 14 guage AC power cord


  • Power and signal can be sent with just one cable run
  • 14-gauge AC power cord with industry standard IEC plug
  • 24-Gauge signal lines with authentic Neutrik?XLR connectors
  • 36? Tails at both ends

Spec Sheet:

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